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Beyond Video: Content creation comes in many forms besides video, so we are here to help you navigate through some of the best tools available for building professional content and internet properties .

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Tools to help with creating websites and content enjoyably, professionally and efficiently.

Creating content begins with an idea, and then the software you use in-between the realisation…

What are the tools of the trade?

In today’s fast moving digital world, creating content between teams in remote locations has increasingly become commonplace. And has empowered a great many individuals with more control over their time, location and ability to work in ways that was once only imagined. I suppose this may be responsible for giving rise to what is described as the “great resignation.”

Anyway, meanwhile, steering slightly away from the topic of website creation, we have always had the ‘crazy’ idea of building that ultimate business companion; intelligent software that analyses all your activity both on and offline, and then prioritises in the form of suggestions, the most optimum actions you can take in accomplishing various goals. Of course, this immediately poses security and privacy issues.

However, in varying doses, there are businesses taking on this ‘crazy idea’, developing software that allow seamless integration with website creation tools.

But, which tools are we talking about? And why do we think you should at least know about them?

Well, looking around today, there are many skilful and creative developers building an array of different  tools that, together, might achieve that ‘crazy’ idea we have. For example, whilst recently researching CRM type software, we came across a fairly close example of that ‘crazy’ idea. Take a peek here. Plus, there are many other examples that are also using Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning technology.

“Oh, so it’s true, AI will take over...”

Well, to begin with, we have noticed a certain pattern that occurs throughout industries, especially during significant change. Where, although high standards are maintained with regards to the quality of output; production and quality of service etc. There is always at least one human involved at the midst of activity.

However, where you might say AI can “take over,” is where the current or already familiar standards, or processes and methods used by mainstream industries, unwittingly have individuals miss-out on new alternative and often more efficient ways of doing what they are already doing, with the same technology. 

The deterrent for change I am guessing however,  is due to the fact that many established businesses have already invested time and money in learning the habitual practices and skills within their industry.

So for example, today, it is not uncommon to come across a new, or small software business offering apps that are comparable to that of an established larger business, but with a far better user experience; ease-of-use, functionality, and affordability.

Often, with the view for long term use, these smaller software solutions provide a few things in common, including the flexibility of user customisation and the continuous development and enhancement to their software. Skylum is a good example of a relatively new business, well actually, Macphun as they were formally known, have been around since 2008, before officially becoming Skylum in 2017.

It used to take a lot of effort for a tiny change...

Anyway, as I was saying, Skylum have always had the vision of simplifying the process of editing photos. And anyone that has used traditional industry standard photo-editing software (do I need to mention names?), will know just how fiddly things can get with old school digital editing techniques, for otherwise very simple looking tasks, .

Okay, here are just some of the tools...

Now, following are the tools we are talking about, and why we think you should know about them?

Plus, we’ll let you in on the most professional, but affordable routes you can take towards starting, or enhancing your online business website or app.  

Find the best content and web creation tools...

For today’s recommendations, we have been a little brutal with our selection, choosing only two products that we feel will cover the needs of most content and web creators. [ see recommendations ]

However, with a little more prodding you might find something that’s absolutely perfect for both your budget and actual website content needs. 

A compilation of accessible tools you can use for both free or with a paid plan, where applicable. [ webkits ]

Don’t just build any old website.

See our web creation software recommendations below

It’s amazing how often we come across WordPress users that have absolutely no idea about the visual page building capabilities of some the most powerful plugins and themes currently available for WordPress.

How,  with little, to no compromise, you can take full control of how you want your WordPress website to look. 

Plus there are many useful Pro features at your disposal, all in 1 suite of tools.

How,  with little, to no compromise, you can take full control of how you want your WordPress website to look. 

see our top recommendation below

Top Recommendation

As expressed above, take full control of how you want your WordPress website to look, with little to NO compromise… 

However, if you are looking for all the above, plus a little “je ne sais quoi,” then here is our top recommendation.

With an appeal for agencies, eLearning websites and entrepreneurial types, there’s a new adage; Sell Anything, Customise Everything….

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