How do I allow students to only see the courses they have enrolled for?

Membership Tools and Gated Content

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The Scenario: Our professor has just compiled an online course using WordPress and eventually, will use Thrive Apprentice to streamline the end user experience. 

The only concern he has is; How to allow access to specific content to only members who have completed specific actions or stages of the course he has available.

Providing “gated content” behind a subscription or membership wall goes further than just hiding specific content. 

With more intricate conditional configurations that respond to specific actions your students or community members take, providing gated with WordPress plugins is made simple. Especially as you can also integrate automated actions with third-party services such as email and other business platforms. 

To do this you will need a way to configure access to content for specific conditions. This is made easier with a membership site plugin that allows assigning different levels of access for different members.

Learn which WordPress plugins will allow you to do this easily below.

The usual WordPress solutions that make it through the common requirements of ease of use, performance and  capability include;  See list below.

Which WordPress Membership Plugins?

Restrict Content Pro

The most extensible membership solution for WordPress that is easy to modify and tweak to your specific needs.

WP QuickStarter

Membership Sites with #WP QuickStarter eliminates the heavy lifting that takes place behind the scenes.


Built with power and ease of use in mind. Simply install, and make the adjustments specific for your business needs. Stylise your custom checkout and other forms to fit seamlessly with your website design and branding.

Thrive Suite

If you need to streamline your online course and membership site business. Thrive Suite provides a Conversion Focused website suite of tools for most business and marketing needs.