Analytics and Performance Workflow

Analytics and Marketing Workflow for Creators and Solopreneurs. – review by practice.

Website Analytics Setup​

Getting Started with Analytics an Analytics Workflow

Analytics and Marketing Workflow for Creators and Solopreneurs. Build Your Business with Insightful Data and Performance Tools, that you can Leverage for Both yours or your Clients Business.

Getting started with a combination of the following recommended suggestions.

Simplified and Streamlined Analytics Reporting


A one-stop analytics reporting solution. Using Whatagraph provides a very high chance that you will not need anything else for managing your analytics reporting. - track campaign results across multiple channels (including customised) - build customisable visual reports for clients and internal use - simple for beginners to use

3 Most Poplular Analytics Toolkits



WordPress Plugin that helps answers the common question; How to track external clicks?



Oribi are on a mission at simplifying data analytics that help companies of all sizes become better data driven—without the headache. Oribi Saves You Time by Filtering Complex Data to Actionable Steps...


Site Kit

Google’s very own WordPress analytics plugin.

SEO and Website Performances


All-in-one marketing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. Especially know for its SEO tools. SEMRush provides a range of tools for website optimisation.

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