Record Your Artwork to a Blockchain

As you know, blockchain technology is at the core of the whole activity of managing NFTs and Crypto-currency related medium.

With that said, Gas Fees is the term used to describe the fees charged for conducting a blockchain related transaction.

Yes, in short, Gas is a unit of measure related to the amount of computational power needed to perform a transaction on the blockchain. And I suppose the implied analogy of filling you car with gas in order to complete a journey sort of helps.

Anyway, to fully understand how Gas Fees are generated, you will need to know about miners and mining. 

Now, minors can be described as the computer workstations around the globe that together help generate the data which constitutes as crypto-currency, through mining. 

Of course what actually takes place during the process of adding a piece of artwork to the blockchain requires the use of computational power of the minors, which comes at cost, this is where your Gas Fees are calculated. 

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