Brizy WordPress Visual Page Builder

Impressed with the natural way in which this WordPress plugin allows you to visually create website pages. Leaves us with only one thought; If only we knew about Brizy earlier…

Brizy is fast becoming a favourite here at Software-Folder. In fact, we have been seriously considering switching to Brizy for one of our sibling websites. Thing is our current page builder is pretty cool too.

Why Brizy?

Without an iota of doubt, anyone starting from absolute scratch will enjoy the ease of use Brizy offers. It really is one of the most intuitive, friendly and easy to use WordPress page builders currently available.

Brizy provides one of the industry’s most intuitive visual editing interface. Create custom layouts with drag and drop and visual ‘on page’ text editing.

Built on React, an open source javascript library developed by Facebook

Besides access to an array of professionally designed templates for a number of different scenarios. Brizy is “jam-packed” with features such as forms, sliders and tabs, for free

Brizy is built to accommodate marketing features with simple to set up integrations.

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