Comprehensive Data Analytics and Reporting Integrations

Alongside our recommended data reporting solution. Whatagraph, is also equipped to process data from a number of different platforms. Currently with integration options for leading platforms below:



Connect your Adform account and start tracking and reporting the behaviour of your clients and learn how they interact with your campaigns. The Adform data source includes the most important metrics:

  • Conversions;
  • Revenue;
  • Demographics;
  • Bid requests;
  • Buy rate.


Criteo is a SaaS provider of online display advertisements. Criteo is used by marketers when implementing retargeting marketing. It essentially functions as an online personalized retargeting solution.

Spotify Ads

With Spotify Ads, you’ll be able to track each ad set, learn about played ads and gain deep insights into your target audience preferences. 


Connect Salesforce with your reports and dashboards, and monitor contacts and opportunities. All essential metrics are here for you:

  • Number of Leads;
  • Opportunities;
  • Number of Converted Leads;
  • Number Sent;
  • Total Amount of All Won Opportunities.

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