Photography & Technology

How far do you push your photo-editing before it is deemed unrealistic or over the top?

Almost, with every new bout of technology there is opposition. 

From those who may have believed at the time, that the Internet would never take-off as a serious business tool, to the current questioning of self-driving cars…

This highlights a human trait, I suppose, that helps us better evaluate the feasibility and practical useful of newly introduced technology. 

Creativity & Technology, Hand-in-Hand.

In our opinion, creativity and technology has developed hand-in-hand over time. 

From the first primitive markings (art?), forged with the technological tools of the time. To the digital environment of today, that provides us with access to a combined widespread of knowledge in the form of a software applications. 

Artificial Intelligence seems to be on its way towards becoming a ubiquitous feature of creativity software. Intended to make, especially, time-consuming and repetitive tasks easier, AI is another technology due to make an impact on how we get things done.

Luminar AI Photo Editing Software

You may already be aware of creative software that uses AI technology, such as Photoshop. But, did you know, that Skylum software are leaders in providing the first fully powered artificially intelligent image editor?

After a few versions of the classic Luminar Image Editor. Luminar AI, the fully powered “artificially intelligent” version, really consolidates the ability of the software at applying your edits fast.

The short cut way of explaining how Luminar AI works is to think of it as software that combines the photo editing knowledge of professional photo artist, allowing users to perform or eliminate the need for otherwise tedious and time consuming tasks.

So, how far do you push your #photo-editing before it is deemed unrealistic or over the top?

It all depends on context; What you are trying to achieve and why, and in some cases for whom?

Ultimately, if you are an experienced or talented photographer and photo-artist editing images  as part of a content creation project. You will “feel” what works best, within the context of your project brief and will have an idea of how your image may be used.

Luminar AI is perfect for creators that wear many hats. Perfect if create web content and want to add that “je ne sais quoi” to the look and feel of the content you share.