Why an all-in-one page building suite makes sense for WordPress users building an online course?


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Over the past Internet years, many agile content creators have been gradually adopting the movement towards new ways in which we build websites using the WordPress platform.

This no-code, drag and drop, visual editing era has certainly made a difference to how we build websites generally.

Alongside this, and just to ensure that everyone gets at least a taste of a more flexible and intuitive experience, project Gutenberg, the default WordPress visual page editing solution by Automattic, already provides the flexibility to build fully customized website pages from scratch.

However, there are currently 3 highly recommended WordPress visual page builder “plugin” suites, that have consistently provided users with powerful game-changing tools.

In this article we will focus on a solution that readily provides the practical requirements for anyone wishing to use WordPress for  building an online membership or e-learning styled course for selling their expertise or products. In fact, this product has been dubbed with the saying; Sell Anything and Customize Everything.


How to Sell What You Know.


Everyone has some knowledge, skill or insight to share that others will find useful. However, selling what you know can often prove to be more difficult than you think, and therefore will require some careful planning with some actionable tips.

If you are thinking of starting an online course for teaching students or training staff members, although you may already have a curriculum or schedule to follow, your vision for getting started may still be blurred.

Whilst on the other hand you could be planning on creating and selling an online course to business owners and other individuals, and likewise, you have no clear idea of how to get started.


Planning for clarity and direction

“New ideas first form into tangible and sharable formats, that can then develop into purposeful actions…”

I have heard many people starting their own business say things like;

“I know exactly what I’m doing – It’s all in my head.”

Or, “I have a great Idea, but…” and then proceed to provide an ‘amazing’ range of excuses.

Anyway, I’m sure I don’t need to say it, but at the least, some planning that leads to action is important for anything to happen. You see, ideas truly come to live when some form of action is taken.

For example, handwritten notes, sketches or the decisive action to start building and developing as you go along, at least you will have made a start towards discovering how easy and powerful the Thrive Suite of tools for WordPress really is.

In fact, read what other creators are saying. Real people with reals challenges and aims.


Real People, Real Business Example

Now, what if you could affordably start building a solid online business for selling online courses, products and exclusive membership content, without having to worry about searching for all the different component tools that  provide the different functions you might need?

Well fortunately, Thrive Themes, the people behind Thrive Suite also release their software as standalone components. Including the latest and well received Thrive Apprentice course builder.

They say you can use it to sell anything and customize everything. And, I know that’s true, especially if you decide to go the whole hog and utilize the other Thrive Suite tools. 

Anyway, you can learn more about Thrive Suite and the content marketing tools available from the related content section below. Or simply head off their site to see what current offers they have.
If you’ve been searching for a solid long-term WordPress solution for almost any type of business as a developer, I believe you will also be pleased with what the Thrive Suite of tools have to offer.
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