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Exploring Non Fungible Art?

Well, you know us, any excuse to create ‘art’. And now we can share with everyone on a blockchain. Learn about getting started yourself below.

NFTs from a practical perspective.

From a practical perspective I see NFTs being useful as a means of managing ownership of intellectual property and tracking licensees. 

In the future, or, maybe already, the technology may even help with spotting and resolving, plagiarism and copyright breaches.

I have to admit after reading some of the comments and thoughts people are making about NFTs, you have to be of two minds where it comes to delving into producing your own minted artwork. 

Things aren’t always as simple and straightforward as they may first appear, so read on if you are curious about NFTs, and minting your own artwork on the Opensea platform.

Simply Kaywana – “Yeah, coming soon just deciding what colours to wear” (lol)

Biker – Scalable and editable vector art illustration of motorcyclist.

NFTs and Minting Artwork

Now, although, not completely confident, or even sure about the whole NFT trend and technology. I do see it as a great opportunity for at least getting people to see your work. Whilst at the same time, you can imagine the potential in how blockchain technology may be used for somehow, regulating and resolving copyright issues. 

Maybe I’m pushing the boat out a little too far, on the other hand, maybe this is something already underway. (related content)


Confused By Miners and Paying Gas Fees?

Anyway, whilst getting started is fairly simple, getting your head around the mechanics can be a little confusing. Take “Gas Fees” for example. What’s that got to do with digital artwork?

Basically the term is used to describe the the cost of conducting a transaction.

Yes, in short, Gas is a unit of measure related to the amount of computational power needed to perform a transaction on the blockchain – Phew!

[You can read about minting domain names here]

FAQ | NFTs, OpenSea & Blockchain

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency. In other words, it is like a bitcoin, however its blockchain database also supports NFTs.

A Non-Fungible-Token is a unique token representing anything digital, especially artwork; music, illustration, gifs, images, videos, animation, etc. 

Recorded and tracked on a blockchain, NFTs, in theory, can be any purchasable digital asset, whilst at the same time can also be connected to physical items.

Yes, you can make money  through buying and reselling NFTs…

There are many different  platform to choose from, which provide similar to different processes, including a buyers waiting list.

Some platforms, like OpenSea only accept cryptocurrencies, whilst there are others that accept both USDs and crypto-currency.



As a decentralised property the blockchain exists as encrypted data across a numbers of computers.
NFTs have a history that dates back to 2012 as an experiment along with Satoshi coins.

Named after the founder(s) of the bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto. The satoshi is the smallest unit of the cryptocurrency bitcoin

Yes, unlike your unique artwork, Bitcoin is fungible (replaceable with an identical item). Although the value of any currency may change from day-to-day, you can replace 1 bit coin with another and essentially still have 1 Bitcoin.

The first service that comes to mind is Unstoppable.