Photographer Toolkit 1
(Canon Electro-Optical System))

Entry Level

Featured image: Ben Eaton  | – review by practice.

Entry Level Camera EOS and Software Workflow

Criteria – must meet industry standards for output quality.

Provide sufficient integration with photography workflow

Must cost between $300 – $750 USD

Student Photographer Budget Toolkit

Just because you are a student you deserve a camera that provides the essential features that you can learn and grow with…

Guided by the our strict budget of $750 USD the recommended 2 cameras each provide great value for money in terms of suitability for current professional quality and standards. For under $750 USD start your personalized photographic workflow suitable for any business.

Between the Canon 4000d and Rebel t7, whilst the 24.1 Megapixels sported by the Rebel t7 may be the more desirable feature. However, for most uses, the 4000d’s 18 Megapixels is generally sufficient, considering its price and the quality compared to previous experience with as little as 10.1 Megapixels as with the Nikon D80.

Get into Aerial Photography

Experience the magic of automatic exposure compensation, for over and underexposed images.

With Luminar your can quickly address common unpleasantries suffered through the dynamic nature of aerial photography. 

For example, readily detect and remove undesirable glare, dust, haze, fog, mist, dust, smog, or and any other distracting ‘artefacts’.

Luminar AI

An Evolutionary Approach to Photo Editing for Professionals and YOU. First of all, this is not merely another “Luminar update” or even a new upgrade. Luminar AI is a totally new product by Skylum. New Luminar AI Official Launch Photo Editor Luminar AI – Ready for the future?

Luminar Neo

Loved Luminar 4? Well you will be over the moon with the newest family member from the Skylum labs. Luminar Neo in some ways, is the new Luminar 4, but with all the power of Luminar AI. Which makes it an extensible offering for future creators everywhere. You can read more about the basic differences between Luminar AI and Luminar Neo right here. However, bear in mind that this software is built for creators like you. So have your say in what you would like to do with the new Luminar Neo. You can pre-order Luminar Neo today for an Early-Bird discount below.

Excire Foto

Excire FOTO is a software folder noteworthy and highly recommended AI-powered photo management software. If you haven’t yet seen it action, now is your opportunity to take advantage of a free trial offer tailored especially for creators and photographers of all backgrounds.

Getting started with Website Kits for building a photographic gallery and showcasing your work from your own website.

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