Why Tailwind Create?

From providing you with tangible post ideas and designing post images for you, confidently take control of your marketing with a Copilot detailed plan.

Tailwind Copilot holds your hand through every step of the way…

AI Feature Reveal

See how AI can seamlessly contribute to your marketing and customer engagement workflow

Introducing Tailwind Create - Copilot

Before we delve into the workings of the Tailwind Copilot feature, let’s first clear up the anticipated confusion that some already familiar marketers and developers may have regarding Tailwind. 

Tailwind Create, Tailwind CSS, and Tailwind UI are all different products developed by Tailwind Labs, and they are designed for different purposes.

Tailwind Create and Social Media

Tailwind Create is a relatively new product from Tailwind Labs that allows users to quickly generate social media graphics, videos, and ads. 

It provides a user-friendly interface and a library of pre-designed templates and assets, making it convenient for users to create professional-looking social media content without any design or technical skills.

While Tailwind Create is designed specifically for social media content creation, Tailwind CSS and Tailwind UI are primarily intended for web application development. 

However, all three products can work together to help businesses create a cohesive brand identity across their social media and web platforms.


What is Tailwind Copilot?

Not to be mistaken with the developers coding tool Tailwind CSS / UI. Tailwind Create provides access to a number of features, including the AI powered Copilot.

Tailwind’s Copilot feature is a powerful productivity tool that will help you streamline your social media content creation process. 

Following is a list of just some of the benefits of using Copilot with your social media marketing:

  1. Time-saving: Copilot saves users time by automatically generating captions for their social media posts. It uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the user’s image and suggest relevant hashtags and captions that are tailored to the user’s audience and the social media platform they are posting on.

  2. Increased engagement: Copilot’s suggested captions and hashtags are designed to increase engagement by using trending topics, relevant keywords, and popular hashtags that are likely to attract more likes, comments, and shares.

  3. Consistency: Copilot helps users maintain a consistent brand voice and style across their social media channels by suggesting captions and hashtags that align with their brand values and messaging.

  4. Flexibility: While Copilot’s suggestions are based on data-driven insights and best practices, users can still customize the suggestions to fit their unique needs and preferences. This allows users to maintain control over their social media content while still benefiting from Copilot’s time-saving and engagement-boosting features.

  5. Ease of use: Copilot is integrated directly into Tailwind’s social media scheduling and analytics tool, making it easy for users to generate captions and schedule their posts in one place.

Overall, Tailwind’s Copilot feature is a valuable tool for social media managers and content creators who want to save time, increase engagement, and maintain a consistent brand voice across their social media channels.

Ghostwriter Extension

Alongside your Tailwind dashboard is the Ghostwriter extension which uses AI-based technology to generate engaging, natural-sounding copy.

You’ll find the Tailwind Ghostwriter extension especially useful for coming up with ideas and inspiring new concepts.