How to build and expand your email list with web forms that convert.

Your subscription forms, your rules

Dear Creator and Business Owner, 

When it comes to building your email list, subscription forms are a critical step because a tiny mistake can make everything less effective.

This is why Moosend has come up with countdown timers that will engage and make the visitor’s mind go, ‘Oh, I need that!’. When it comes to audience management, the platform also offers you email notifications for new signups and even form labels and embedded codes to keep everything nice and tidy.

Design-wise, they’re easy to make, responsive, and, of course, there are templates that can make your subscription forms happen without you breaking a sweat if you don’t want to.

Your subscription forms can look and feel different, too, since the platform doesn’t offer just one subscription form type. From modal pop-ups and floating bars to full-page subscription forms, you have a wide variety of styles and customization tools to capture your new subscribers’ information in an instant!

What your visitors see and when they see it is totally up to you based on your goals. You can display your subscription forms on specific pages, devices or show them to users that have chosen certain cookies.

What’s more, you can create different forms for different locations and operating systems.

And again, if you need to do something that the platform doesn’t really support, there’s definitely an integration for that!

Moosend’s subscription forms are designed to save you time and effort as they allow you to transfer the collected data anywhere you need through your automated workflows and connect them with all the tools you’re using.

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