Website-Ready Templates

A WordPress Theme with Deep WooCommerce Integration and Website-Ready Templates

From business owners to web professionals, enjoy the convenience of a WordPress theme with deep WooCommerce integration and website-ready templates.

For anyone looking to confidently create an online store with WordPress and WooCommerce, Woovina provides an easy to implement and affordable platform to get you started.

As a modern, lightweight and customizable theme that is designed to work well with the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, Woovina offers a lot of features such as a responsive design, customizable website-ready layouts, advanced typography options, and more. It also provides design elements that are specifically built to enhance the user experience for WooCommerce shops.

Combined with the Elementor web page builder, create website to look exactly as you imagined. There are 3 basic steps to take once you have your WordPress website hosting account ready. First claim YOUR free to start Woovina membership, and download the main Woovina Theme Package.

Installing Woovina Website-Ready Templates


    1. Download and install the WooVina theme on your WordPress site.
    2. Select a website-ready template from the list available and install as a WordPress plugin. This will allow you to import all sample content, widgets, settings, CSS and JS of the demo theme you have installed.
    3. Run import sample data to have your website working exactly like the demo. 


From your Woovina dashboard you will have access to a myriad of e-commerce template options, from which you are likely to find one close to your intended design, look and feel. All you have to do now, is populate your imported template with your own content and visual branding.


Customizing your newly installed theme.

Whilst the website-ready approach may be ideal for freshly installed WordPress websites built from scratch, with necessary precaution you may also use WoodVina tools on an existing website.

However, working with an existing website may lead to you having to make a few compromises in order to comply with the templates setting and mobile responsive formatting options, which are available via the Appearance > Customize tabs from your WordPress dashboard.

Now, bear in mind that you will have the Elementor visual page builder installed, so you will have even more control over how your pages looks.

For example, between the different options page template option, including; Default template, Elementor Canvas, Elementor Full Width, and Theme, you will be provided with a basis to start either with theme elements such as the themes menu, or a completely blanc page to layout your design from scratch.