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Trigger actions set by end user behaviour

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What is Thrive Automator?

Website Developer Friendly…

WordPress developer friendly Thrive Automator triggers actions set by an end-users behaviour. The plugin allow users to automate and streamline end-user experience through integration of their favourite tools. With the public beta version – developers around the world are invited to contribute to the making of yet another powerfully useful plugin for WordPress built websites.

Following the logic of; If this, then do that (IFTTD), Thrive Automator is working towards not only providing automated actions for linking end-user triggers with automated actions, but also spreading the wings of the Thrive Suite package to a wider audience.

If you have ever used automation programs like IFTTT, Zapier and DLVR. Well, Thrive Automator uses the same type of logic as these programs, however, within the Thrive Suite ecosystem. 

Thrive Automator is the answer that unlocks the Thrive Suite of tools to external tools and systems.

One notable, and somewhat favourable direction that Thrive Themes have taken, is opening access to Thrive Suite software to developers. 

In turn, this will help position Thrive Suite as an even more affordable and comprehensive solution for the industries that use WordPress and want to also enjoy the benefits of a professional automation tool.

Trigger actions based on end-user behaviour

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